Fitness Challenges


pump up your metabolism - six week holiday challenge

18 Yr Olds+

Get ready to transform your body and mind with our 6-week fat loss challenge! Say goodbye to stubborn inches and hello to a healthier, happier you! This challenge is about learning how to make sustainable changes to your eating habits and mindset. So, throw on your workout gear and get ready to unleash your inner warrior. Make this holiday season different by focusing on becoming a stronger, fitter you! The highlights of this challenge include: Pump Up Your Metabolism Guide, Customized Calorie/Macro Goals, Mindset Matters Coaching, Progress Trackers, Strength Training Workouts, Healthy Eating Simplified Recipes, Menu Planning Tips, and more!

  • Instructor: Jaci Lowther (Certified Fitness Instructor + Nutrition Consultant)
  • Dates: Tue | Nov 7-Dec 12
  • Times: 5:15pm-6:15pm
  • Location: Cityside Middle School - Performing Arts Room  


12 Yr Olds-Adults

It’s time to improve your health and say good-bye to dieting for good! Let our coaches’ help you learn how to nurture good relationships with food and create a balanced healthy lifestyle. We will help you evaluate how your diet can contribute to a healthier lifestyle whether that is losing weight, building lean muscle, gaining energy, targeting health concerns, or developing life-changing habits by giving you support, accountability and direction! Whatever your goals, we will help you get there!

INITIAL EVALUATION (90 minutes): We will take an in depth look at your daily practices to establish an important baseline. We will then help you define your health and nutritional goals and identify lifestyle habits and eating behaviors that require change. 

SUPPORT SESSIONS (60 minutes each): On-going support and reinforcement of your habits. Your nutritional strategy will be continuously assessed and revised to best support your wellness goals. 

  • Registration: Call (616) 748-3230 or stop by our front desk!
  • PDF DocumentClient Packet
  • Instructor: Jaci Lowther (Certified Nutrition Coach)
  • 4-Pack ($199): Initial evaluation + 3 support sessions
  • 6-Pack ($279): Initial evaluation + 5 support sessions
  • 12-Pack ($519): Initial evaluation + 11 support sessions

100 Mile Swim Club

8 Yr Olds-Adults

Want to get in great shape? Become a part of the Zeeland Recreation “100 Mile Swim Club” by swimming 100 miles in 12 months! Participants will keep track of your miles after each lap swim or water fitness workout on the tracking sheet that will be located on our pool deck at Zeeland Recreation pools. You’ll then be able to follow your progress through our monthly postings. If you hit your goal you will not only be feeling and looking great, but you’ll also receive a Zeeland Recreation towel and a 100-Mile Club decal sticker to show off your achievement! Start any time of the year! Simply stop in our fitness center to get started! All swim styles and techniques are welcome. 

  • Register Here
  • Cost: $20
  • When Can I Start? Any time of year! Simply stop in our fitness center to get started! 
  • Location: Zeeland Recreation Pools
  • Distance Guidelines:
    • 100 miles = 165,000 yards or 3,300 laps
    • 1 mile + 1,650 yards, 66 lengths or 33 laps
    • Length = One end of the pool to the other end (25 yards)
    • Lap = Down and back (50 yards)
    • 2 miles a week = 100 miles in 50 weeks
    • 3 miles a week = 100 miles in 33 weeks
    • 1 mile a day x 5 days a week = 100 miles in 20 weeks