Youth Baseball


ZEELAND Little League Baseball

LAKeSHORE middle school baseball league

6th-8th Gr

  • Practice & Game SchedulesCLICK HERE
  • Rules:
    • Rules for the 2023 season are being finalized and will be shared once completed
    • They will be very similar to the 2022 rules, which you can read HERE.
    • Once the 2023 rules are finalized, they will be shared with participants and any changes will be highlighted!

Postseason Opportunities

After the regular season ends in mid-late June, some leagues play in postseason tournaments that vary based on division. These tournaments involve playing additional games, in some cases against other local leagues, and can last up until the end of June. More details on postseason tournaments are determined after team selections.


After the completion of the regular season and postseason tournaments, an All-Star tournament takes place from the end of June-mid July. If a player is interested in playing on an All-Star team, families must complete an All-Star Commitment Form for the player to be eligible for selection. Anyone who submits the commitment form can try-out for an All-Star team. All-Star teams are then selected by appointed committees in early June. Team selections are based on multiple factors (try-out performance, regular season performance, team needs, etc.) as decided by the committee. 

Players interested in All-Stars can find more information on the Zeeland Little League website HERE

Zeeland Little League follows the Little League International rules which apply to all other Little Leagues. There are, however, some unique rules that ZLL has applied to some divisions in order to develop appropriate skills and keep the game fun.

Click here for more information on ZLL RULES

Click here for more information on the Little League International Rules (includes link to download the Little League Rule Book)

A vital part of the playing experience in Little League is the officiating. We are always looking for umpires to help work games in the Spring, and our umps are paid appropriately.

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