Paddle & Play

Infants & Toddlers

Fall & Winter

Parent & Tot: Paddle & Play Open Swim

0-5 Yr Olds + Guardian

A special time in the pool for parents and young children to enjoy playtime with friends. For your convenience, we also provide life jackets, puddle jumpers and infant floats for non-swimmers. A guardian must be in the water and provide direct supervision for their child.

  • October Warm Pool Calendar
  • No Registration: Just Show Up!
  • Cost: $3 per swimmer OR Splash Pass OR included with all Fitness Memberships
  • Dates: Fridays | Oct 7, 14, 21, 28 | Paused for Warm Pool Shutdown from Nov 4-Jan 6 | Resumes Jan 13-May 19 (Skip Mar 31, Apr 7)  
  • Time: 9:30-10:45am
  • Location: Zeeland Recreation East Pool


Infants - Adults

Family Open Swim is a great time for all ages to enjoy the pool - from infants to teenagers to seniors and everyone in between! We have diving boards, a youth water slide, basketball hoops and various pool toys and floats, along with life jackets, puddle jumpers and infant floats for non-swimmers. Come join the fun! 

  • October Warm Pool Calendar
  • Age & Height Guidelines
  • Cost: $3 p/visit OR Splash Pass | Included in ALL Fitness Memberships | Free Open Swim While Enrolled in Swim Lessons 
  • Half Day Open Swims: 1:30-3:30pm | Oct 7, 28, Jan 20, Feb 10, Mar 3, 24, Apr 28, May 10, 11, 12, June 7, 8 , 9


3 Yr Olds-5th Gr

Join us to receive excellent dance training, improve coordination, develop artistic creativity, make lasting friendships and have fun! These classes are for first-time dancers, newer dancers, or returning dancers who want to improve their fundamentals prior to our genre-specific classes. Participants will develop techniques that will help them in all dance genres as they get older (Ballet, Jazz, Jazz Funk, Tap, etc). All of our dance classes have a year-end performance in June called our “Spring Recital”. Performing in the recital is optional. However, please be aware that there are additional costume fees in order to perform in the recital + ticket fees for guests to attend the recital (more details below). All participants must be potty-trained.

  • Register for Winter Classes Here 
  • Weekly Class Schedule
  • Fall/Winter Calendar
  • Studio Locations and Directions
  • Shoe and Dancewear Guidelines
  • Winter Class Dates: Feb 6-June 8
  • Winter Class Costs: Varies (Click "Register" Link Above for Pricing)
  • Winter Registration Deadline: Jan 7
  • Spring Recital: June 15, 16, 17 | This is optional for dancers to participate in | More details will come later in the Fall
  • Registration for Spring Recital: Opens on Dec 1 | Deadline is Jan 14
  • Dance Fundamentals (3-5 Yr Olds): Mon | 2pm 
  • Dance Fundamentals (3-5 Yr Olds): Mon | 5:30pm
  • Dance Fundamentals (3-5 Yr Olds): Tues | 9am | Must Enroll in Fall + Winter
  • Dance Fundamentals (3-5 Yr Olds): Fri | 5pm
  • Dance Fundamentals (3-5 Yr Olds): Sat | 10am
  • Dance Fundamentals (5 Yr Olds-KG): Fri | 4:30pm
  • Dance Fundamentals (1st-2nd Gr): Sat | 11am 
  • Dance Fundamentals (3rd-6th Gr): Fri | 5:15pm 
  • Creative Movement (5 Yr Olds-2nd Gr): Tue | 6:15pm
  • Creative Movement (3rd-6th Gr): Tue | 4:45pm 
  • Tap Fundamentals (5 Yr Olds-KG): Tue | 7pm 
  • Tap Fundamentals (1st-3rd Gr): Tue | 5:30pm 
  • Tap Fundamentals (4th-6th Gr): Wed | 6:30pm 
  • Jazz Funk Fundamentals (6th-12th Gr): Wed | 3pm  
  • Musical Theater (6th-12th Gr): Mon | 3pm
  • Pom (4th-12th Gr): Tue | 7:15pm | Pom requires experience in dance, cheer or gymnastics to enroll


3-18 Yr Olds

The Zeeland Rec dance program includes opportunities for 3-18 yr olds in introductory classes, Ballet, Jazz, Jazz Funk (Hip Hop), Tap + more! We're honored to provide excellent dance training that improves coordination, develops artistic creativity and creates lasting friendships. Come join the fun... all are welcome!


6 Months-3 Yr Olds (+ Adult Guardian)

Learning how to swim can save your child’s life! Join us to learn the following skills: Enter and exit water together | Getting wet with toys  | Front and back holds | Songs and games | Blowing bubbles | Splashing and kicking legs | Splashing and reaching arms | Front and back glides | Water safety rules

  • Register Here
  • No Swim Lessons from Oct-Dec: Scheduled Pool Repairs
  • Cost: $63r/$78nr
  • Jan 9-25: M &W | 6:30-7pm
  • Jan 10-26: T & TH | 6:30-7pm
  • Jan 30-Mar 6: Mon | 6:30-7pm
  • Feb 1-Mar 8: Wed | 6:30-7pm
  • Feb 4-Mar 11: Sat | 8:30-9am


3-5 Yr Olds

Learning how to swim can save your child’s life! Join us to learn the following skills: Water entry and exit | Breath control and submerging | Buoyancy | Changing direction and position in the water | Treading | Swimming skills on front and back | Water safety

  • Register Here
  • No Swim Lessons from Oct-Dec: Scheduled Pool Repairs
  • Cost: $63r/$78nr
  • Jan 9-25: M & W | 10-10:45am
  • Jan 9-25: M &W | 5:30-6:15pm
  • Jan 10-26: T & TH | 5:30-6:15pm
  • Jan 30-Mar 6: Mon | 4:30-5:15pm
  • Jan 30-Mar 6: Mon | 5:30-6:15pm
  • Feb 1-Mar 8: Wed | 4:30-5:15pm
  • Feb 1-Mar 8: Wed | 5:30-6:15pm
  • Feb 4-Mar 11: Sat | 9:15-10am
  • Feb 4-Mar 11: Sat | 10:15-11am
  • Feb 4-Mar 11: Sat | 11:15am-12pm
  • Feb 20-Mar 8: M & W | 10-10:45am


2-6 Yr Olds + Guardian

Join us to help your child develop their motor skills and attention span while also making fun memories with a parent or caregiver! Sing Song Yoga® is an international kids musical yoga program in which song lyrics instruct children how to get into the poses.  Class includes yoga poses, yoga-based activities and songs to tie it all together.  Parents and kids sign up for this yoga class together.  It is a fast paced, 30-minute, child-centered class which was created specifically for 2-6-year olds. Enroll based on age at start dates. Taught by the founder.

  • Register for Morning Session Here
  • Register for Evening Session Here
  • Cost: $49r/$64nr
  • Instructor: Deb Weiss-Gelmi (founder of Song Yoga®)
  • AM Session 2: Thur | 9:15-9:45am | Oct 27-Dec 1 (skip Nov 24) 
  • AM Session 3: Thur | 9:15-9:45am | Jan 12-Feb 9 
  • AM Session 4: Thur | 9:15-9:45am | Feb 23-Mar 23 
  • AM Session 5: Thur | 9:15-9:45am | Apr 13-May 11 
  • PM Session 1: Thur | 5:45-6:15pm | Sept 15-Oct 13
  • PM Session 2: Thur | 5:45-6:15pm | Jan 12-Feb 9 
  • PM Session 3: Thur | 5:45-6:15pm | Apr 13-May 11 
  • Morning Location: Zeeland Recreation - Shoreline Sprinkling Studio
  • Evening Location: Cityside Middle School - Performing Arts Studio


3-5 Yr Olds

Join us to improve body control, motor skills, physical awareness and more through music, games and other fun activities! This class will increase your child’s confidence and independence with their bodies, while also better preparing them to master more complex skilled activities and skills as they get older. All children must be potty trained. Enroll based on age at start date.


3-5 Yr Olds

Join us to explore S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) and Sensory concepts through a wide variety of activities! Studies show that S.T.E.M. and Sensory activities breeds curiosity, teaches kids how to learn from their mistakes, fosters creativity, and gets kids excited to learn! This is the perfect program to prepare your kiddos for Kindergarten through activities with blocks, boxes, legos, tubes, cups, popsicle sticks and more! Children must be potty trained before the start of the program. Enroll based on age at the start of the program. 

  • Register Here 
  • Cost: $63r/$78nr
  • Instructor: Rachel Kenemer
  • Session 1: Wed | Oct 5-Dec 7 (skip Nov 23) | 10am
  • Session 2: Wed | Jan 11-Mar 15 (skip Feb 15) | 10am, 11am or 12pm
  • Session 3: Mar 22-May 24 (skip Apr 5) | 10am, 11am or 12pm
  • Location: Zeeland Recreation; Shoreline Sprinkling Studio


3-14 Yr Olds

Our Gymnastics program is designed to help your child increase body control, flexibility, and strength! Each session will include a rotation of working on skills on beams, bars, vaults and floor work. All children must be potty trained.

  • Register Here
  • Cost: 43r/$58nr 
  • Instructor: Haley Turner
  • Session 1: Sat | Oct 8-29 | Lincoln Elementary Gym
  • Session 2: Sat | Nov 5-Dec 3 | New Groningen Elementary Gym
  • Session 3: Sat | Jan 14-Feb 4 | Quincy Elementary Gym
  • Session 4: Sat | Feb 25-Mar 18 | Roosevelt Elementary Gym
  • Tots (3 Yr Olds) | 9am-9:50am: Somersaults, jumping, balance, swinging
  • Beginners (4-5 Yr Olds) | 10am-10:50am: Somersaults, cartwheels, jumping, balance, swinging
  • Beginners (6 Yr Olds +) | 11am-11:50am: Somersaults, cartwheels, jumping, balance, swinging
  • Intermediate (Placement Based on Skill Rather Than Age) | 12pm-12:50pm: Prior to the program, participants must be able to do cartwheels and bridges. During the program, participants will work on handstands, round-offs, high beam work, pullovers, hip circles
  • Advanced (Placement Based on Skill Rather Than Age) | 1pm-1:50pm:  Prior to the program, participants must be able to do cartwheels, bridges, backbends, and be working on walkovers. During the program, participants will work on back and front walkovers, handsprings, aerials, squat-ons, straddle-throughs, balance beam dismounts, hip circles


3-18 Yr Olds

Kick off fall by representing the Zeeland Recreation Dance program in the Pumpkin Fest Parade! 3-5 year olds will sit on the dance float, while 6-18 year olds will walk with the Zeeland Youth Dance Company during the parade. The parade starts at 3pm in downtown Zeeland. Shirts will be provided. Open to all who are currently enrolled in our dance program. 

  • Register Here
  • Cost: $7
  • Instructors: Zeeland Recreation Dance Instructors
  • Date: Sat, Oct 8
  • Time: Parade starts at 2pm
  • Location: Exact times and lineup details will be communicated via email

Parent-Child Cookie Decorating 

4-10 Year Olds + Guardian 

This is a PERFECT adult-child activity! Join us to make lifelong memories with your kiddo while also learning how to take your cookie decorating skills to the next level for years to come! Each child will leave with a dozen fully decorated cookies. Please only register the child - any guardian can attend without having to pay/register. Allergens warning: participants will be exposed to almond emulsion, gluten, dairy and eggs.

  • Register Here (only register the child - any guardian can attend without having to pay/register)
  • Cost: $40r/$55nr per couple (only register the child - any guardian can attend without having to pay/register)
  • Instructor: Jen Meyering (Owner of One Smart Cookie + ZPS Teacher)
  • Halloween Cookies: Sat, Oct 22 | 12:30-2pm
  • Christmas Cookies: Sat, Dec 3  | 12:30-2pm
  • Valentines Cookies: Sat, Feb 4 | 12:30-2pm 
  • Location: New Groningen Elementary School - Cafeteria


4-5 Yr Olds

This instructional program uses soccer as a tool to improve coordination, dexterity and overall coordination while also introducing youngsters to the fundamentals of soccer! Instruction is presented through fun, interactive games… participants will have so much fun they won’t even know they’re learning (but parents will sure notice)! 

  • Register Here
  • Cost: $45r/$60nr
  • Coaches: Bruce Lane + USA Soccer Staff 
  • Session 1: Saturdays | Nov 12-Dec 10 (Skip Nov 26)
  • Session 2: Saturdays | Jan 7-28
  • Time: 9am-9:45am
  • Location: Cityside Middle School Main Gym


6 Month Olds-Adults

Learning how to swim can save your child’s life! Maximize the individual attention you receive and speed in which you learn by signing up for a private swim lesson (three 30-minute lessons)! Great for infants, children, teens or adults. Private swim instruction provides flexible scheduling and personalized attention to meet the need of every swimmer. Lessons are sold in bundles of three-30 minute lessons. 

  • Registration Paused: Due to the upcoming east warm pool shutdown tentatively scheduled for later this Fall in order to replace our HVAC, registration for private swim lessons is paused in order to accommodate private swim lessons that have already been purchased. Registration will resume once the pool is reopened in early January
  • Structure: Three 30-Minute Lessons
  • 1-on-1 Lessons: $89r/$104nr
  • 2-on-1 Lessons: $73r/$88nr each
  • 3-on-1 Lessons: $63r/$78nr each