Youth group gymnastics pictures


Fall & Winter Programs


3-14 yr olds

Our Gymnastics program is designed for your child to develop increased body control, flexibility, and strength. Each session will include a rotation of working on skills on beams, bars, vaults and floor work. All children must be potty trained.

  • Registration: Registration Temporarily Postponed Due to COVID-19  | Registration Will Open at Later Date if Govt/Health Guidelines Remove the Need for Social Distancing (we cannot social distance in this program for safety reasons)
  • Cost: $40r/$55nr
  • Instructor: TBD
  • Day: Saturdays
  • Location: Cityside MS Aux Gym
  • Session 2: Oct 17-Nov 21 (skip Oct 31)
  • Session 3: Jan 9-Feb 6
  • Session 4: Feb 20-Mar 20
  • Tots (3-4 yr olds): 9:00-9:50am ​​​​​​| Somersaults, jumping, balance, swinging
  • Beginner (4-5 yr olds): 10:00-10:50am ​​​​​​| Somersaults, cartwheels, jumping, balance, swinging 
  • Beginner (6 yr olds+): 11:00-11:50am | Somersaults, cartwheels, jumping, balance, swinging
  • Intermediate (placement based on skill level rather than age): 12:00-12:50pm OR 1:00-1:50pm | Prior to program, participants must be able to do cartwheels and bridges. During program, participants will work on handstands, round-offs, high beam work, pullovers, hip circles
  • Advanced (placement based on skill level rather than age): 1:00-1:50pm | Prior to program, participants must be able to do cartwheels, bridges, backbends, and be working on walkovers. During the program, participants will work on back and front walkovers, handsprings, aerials, squat-ons, straddle-throughs, balance beam dismounts, hip circles