Zeeland Rec Dance


3-18 Yr Olds

The Zeeland Rec dance program includes opportunities for 3-18 yr olds in introductory classes, Ballet, Jazz, Jazz Funk (Hip Hop), Tap + more! We're honored to provide excellent dance training that improves coordination, develops artistic creativity and creates lasting friendships. Come join the fun... all are welcome!

Studio Locations and Directions      

Kids Dance Day

3 Yr Olds-6th Gr

The Zeeland Dance Company is hosting a holiday themed day of fun! Dancers will learn techniques and routines, play movement games and do a dance related craft! That same evening, dancers are invited back to perform at 6pm in “Uplifted”, a concert hosted by the Zeeland Youth Dance Company! All proceeds from “Uplifted” go towards our K.L.A.S.S. program, which provides free Zeeland Rec programs to children who are in financial need. No experience required. Child must be potty trained and 3 years old as of December 1. 

  • Registration: Deadline was Dec 1. Call 616-748-3230 to inquire about late registration options
  • Uplifted Performance Tickets: Click Here | $5 | Sat, Dec 9 | 6pm
  • Date: Sat, Dec 9
  • 3 Yr Olds-KG: 9am-12pm + 6pm Performance
  • 1st-6th Gr: 9am-1pm + 6pm Performance
  • Location: Cityside Middle School - Lokers Auditorium
  • Uplifted Performance: This performance will highlight our Zeeland Youth Dance Company members + participants from our “Kid’s Dance Day” program that takes place earlier on the same day. All proceeds will go towards our K.L.A.S.S. program, which provides free Zeeland Rec programs to children in financial need.      

my grown up & me: dance & movement

2-3 Yr Olds + Guardian

Join us to bond with your little one while they learn basic dance steps and terminology through songs, stories and play! On top of that, your little ones will also blossom while building self-confidence! Parents/guardians will participate actively in the class, so this is the perfect program for children who may still need a little more time before separating from a parent or caregiver. Ballet shoes and leotards are recommended for children, but not required. Enroll based on age at start date. This class does not participate in the recital

  • Register Here 
  • Cost: $65r/$80nr 
  • InstructorCydney Sheneman
  • Session 1: Wed | 10am-10:45am | Oct 4-Dec 13 (skip Nov 22)
  • Session 2: Wed | 10am-10:45am | Jan 10-Mar 6
  • Session 3: Wed | 10am-10:45am | Mar 20-May 22 (skip Apr 3)
  • Location: Zeeland Recreation | Shoreline Sprinkling Studio

New Dancers: Dance Fundamentals Classes

3 Yr Olds-5th Gr

Join us to receive excellent dance training, improve coordination, develop artistic creativity, make lasting friendships and have fun! These classes are for first-time dancers, newer dancers, or returning dancers who want to improve their fundamentals prior to our genre-specific classes. Participants will develop strong techniques that will help them in all dance genres as they get older (Ballet, Jazz, Jazz Funk, Tap, etc).  Dance Fundamentals class participants are also invited to participate in the year-end spring recital! All recital details will be posted in November. Recital registration will open in November and close on Feb 17th.

  • Register for Winter Classes Here
  • Fall Class Dates: Run until Dec 16
  • Winter Registration Deadline: Jan 6 
  • Winter Class Dates: Feb 5-June 6
  • Class Descriptions: For a description of each class, see the “Dance Class Descriptions” tab below
  • Spring Dance Recital: All recital details will be posted in November | Recital registration will open in November and close on Feb 17th | Leveled Class Registration Deadline is Jan 13th
  • Fall/Winter Weekly Class List/Schedule
  • Fall/Winter Dance Calendar
  • Studio Locations and Directions
  • Dancewear and Shoe Requirements
  • Dance Fundamentals (3-5 Yr Olds): Sat | 9:00am | $120r/$135nr
  • Dance Fundamentals (1st-2nd Gr): Fri | 4:15pm | $128r/$143nr
  • Dance Fundamentals (3-5 Yr Olds): Mon | 2pm | $128r/$143nr
  • Dance Fundamentals (3-5 Yr Olds): Mon | 3:15pm | $128r/$143nr
  • Dance Fundamentals (3-5 Yr Olds): Tue | 9am | $135r/$150nr | Must enroll in Fall & Winter | New Winter Tue AM dancers should take the 10am class
  • Dance Fundamentals (3-5 Yr Olds): Tue | 10am | $135r/$150nr
  • Dance Fundamentals (3-5 Yr Olds): Tue | 5:00pm | $135r/$150nr 
  • Dance Fundamentals (3-5 Yr Olds): Wed | 4pm | $143r/$158nr
  • Dance Fundamentals (3-5 Yr Olds): Fri | 5:45pm | $128r/$143nr
  • Dance Fundamentals (5 Yr Olds-KG): Mon | 5:15pm | $128r/$143nr
  • Dance Fundamentals (1st-2nd Gr): Mon | 6pm | $128r/$143nr
  • Dance Fundamentals (3rd-6th Gr): Wed | 7:15pm | $143r/$158nr
  • Tap Fundamentals (5 Yr Olds-2nd): Fri | 5pm | $128r/$143nr
  • Pom (3rd-12th Gr): Tue | 5:45pm | $135r/$150nr
  • Jazz Funk Fundamentals (6th-12th Gr): Wed | 3pm | $143r/$158nr
  • Creative Movement (K-2nd Gr): Thur | 5:45pm | $128r/$143nr
  • Creative Movement (3rd-6th Gr): Thur | 5pm | $128r/$143nr
  • Contemporary Technique (7th-12th Gr): Thur | 6:30pm | $145r/$160nr



3-18 Yr Olds

Our dance classes develop strong techniques in Ballet, Jazz, Jazz Funk, Tap, Contemporary and Pom. These weekly classes are geared towards students who have been previously enrolled in our dance classes. Participants will continue building upon principles such as proper alignment, placement, turn-out and core control. Dancers will also learn fun choreography, gain strength, increase flexibility, improve coordination, develop artistic creativity, make lasting friendships and have fun! Enroll based on 2023-24 grade level. All leveled classes must be taken in fall and winter.  Looking to join dance in the winter session? Please enroll in the age appropriate dance fundamentals class. We can't wait to see you in the studio this fall!!


Please use the below information as a guideline when determining the appropriate class for your child. Final placement in all classes is determined by the instructor.

Dance Fundamentals Classes (3 Yr Olds+): Designed for new dancers or returning dancers. Dancers will move to a variety of music, learn basic dance vocabulary and explore many dance principals through the use of fun imagery and well-rounded combinations. Dancer must be potty-trained. 

Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary: These classes are for returning dance students. Dancers will continue building proper alignment, placement, turn-out and core control fundamentals. Dancers will also gain strength, flexibility and coordination while learning fun practice combinations and choreography.

Tap Fundamentals (5 Yr Olds+): Designed for new dancers or returning dancers. Dancers will learn basic tap movements that serve as the building blocks for more difficult tap movements. Dancers will also work on rhythm and musicality while also exploring basic music theory. Dancer must be potty-trained. 

Tap Leveled Classes: Geared towards returning dancers. Dancers will work on rhythm, musicality and increasing speed while also working with weight-bearing and non-weight bearing tap vocabulary.

Ballet Technique Classes: Designed for returning dancers seeking an additional weekly class with a ballet focus. Dancers will grow their ballet vocabulary and build strength and flexibility. Besides moving through the components of a classical ballet lesson, dancers will be instructed in floor barre and other innovative techniques to encourage the use of the proper muscles in turn-out, extension, placement and alignment. Ballet Tech D is for dancers who are currently in 3rd grade with two or more years of recent and continuous experience (permission not necessary).  Placement in Ballet Tech A-C is by recommendation of the instructor only. For all of our Ballet Tech classes, please allow for adjustments in placement to be made as needed. Experienced dancers new to our program should enroll in Ballet Tech D in order to be evaluated for proper placement.

Pointe (Enroll with Instructor Permission Only): Dancers must be dual enrolled in Ballet Tech A in order to enroll in Pointe class.

Jazz Technique (5th gr +): This class is an opportunity for your dancer to increase the frequency and intensity of their training. Dancers will refine their technique in elements such as turns, jumps, and stylized movement.

Creative Movement Dance (5yr-6th gr) : This class is geared towards those interested in using their imaginations to explore elements of dance: time, space, and energy. The class will incorporate Anne Green Gilbert's educational methods, including the BrainDance. Dancers will learn how to collaborate to create their own unique compositions for the spring recital. This class is an excellent fit for dancers who love dancing but are looking for more freedoms than what they can get in the structure of a traditional dance class.

Jazz Funk (6th gr +):  Jazz Funk is a style of jazz dance that is the studio-based version of hip hop dance forms. New dancers in 6th grade and up should enroll in Jazz Funk Fundamentals.

Musical Theater (6th gr +): This class is geared toward kids who love to sing and dance and want to explore the unique storytelling opportunities that musical theater provides through both choral and dance arts. Dancers will both sing and dance through choreography.

Pom (3rd gr + ): A recent year of dance, cheer, or gymnastics is required prior to enrolling in the class. This class is for students that want a fun introduction to dance team-style Pom. Dancers will gain arm stretch and power in movement. At the same time, cheerleaders and gymnasts will benefit from the movement quality that Pom as a dance form brings to their sport.  

Reminder to Current Dancers: Zeeland Rec Dance level dancers up once a year prior to the fall session. All dancers who completed the previous semester of dance classes will receive a placement letter for the upcoming school year at the beginning of August.

Those With Dance Experience But New to Zeeland Rec Dance: Welcome to Zeeland Rec Dance! If you're an experienced dance student new to our dance program, please enroll in a Dance Fundamentals class for evaluation to determine placement in an upper level class. Or, for an additional fee, new students may schedule a private evaluation in order to determine placement. Please call our office at 748-3230 to schedule an appointment. Questions? Contact Corrie Hilt at cmckiern@zps.org  


Zeeland Youth Dance Company (ZYDC)

5th-12th Gr

The Zeeland Youth Dance Company is an auditioned ensemble that provides opportunities for experienced dancers in grades 5-12 to learn and perform choreography throughout the community. ZYDC members show a strong love of dance, and a passion for sharing dance with others. Learn more here.


If you are an experienced dancer but our new to our dance program, please enroll in a Dance Fundamentals class for evaluation to determine placement in an upper level class. Or, for an additional fee, new students may schedule a private evaluation in order to determine placement. Please call our office at 616-748-3230 to schedule an appointment. Questions? Please contact Corrie Hilt, Leisure Coordinator, at chilt@zps.org

Peter Pan Guest Artists

Peter Pan poster

Leveled Classes (Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary, Jazz/Funk 1/2, Tap 1-6, Pointe)
  1. Leveled Class dancers must take Fall & Winter Dance
  2. Recital Deadline: Jan 13th
  3. Costume Measuring: Leveled Classes will be measured in class before we break for the semester
  4. Parent Recital Packet
  5. Recital Registration Price/Parent Agreement
Fundamentals Classes (Dance Fundamentals, Tap Fundamentals, Jazz Funk Fundamentals, Creative Movement, Pom Fundamentals)
  1. Recital Deadline: Feb 17th
  2. Costume Measuring: Fundamentals Classes will be measured in class in Feb.
  3. Recital is optional and separate from your class. If you child wants to continue in class but not perform in recital this spring that is totally ok!  If they want to perform, this packet has all of the details, just make sure you deceive before the deadline!
  4. What Class should I take in the winter session? Dancers will continue in their dance fundamentals classes through the next session. We will level dancers during summer, you will receive a letter with your child's placement mid-late summer with Fall 2024 class recommendations.
  5. Parent Recital Packet
  6. Recital Registration Price/Parent Agreement
Technique Classes do not participate in recital (Jazz Tech, Ballet Tech, Contemporary Tech, Pre-Pointe)
Dance Instructors

Dance Instructors

External LinkRachel Plaggemars

Rachel earned her BA in dance performance and choreography with an emphasis in education from Hope College. Ms. Plaggemars emphasizes ballet training as a foundation for well-rounded dancers and has loved watching her students grow technically and artistically through the program

External LinkCydney Sheneman

Cydney graduated from Hope College with her BA in dance and religion education. Cydney enjoys helping students to not only learn a variety of dance genres and styles, but to also create their own works of movement art

External LinkAnnika Lamer

Annika is currently majoring in Hospitality, Tourism, and Management with a minor in Dance at Grand Valley State University. Annika’s dance training was at Zeeland Recreation from the age of 3 through her senior year of high school, as well as, a teacher’s assistant at Zeeland Recreation for 6 years.  She loves watching her students grow and develop into strong confident well-rounded dancers.

External LinkTiffany Stegink

Tiffany Stegink is studying Early Childhood Education with a minor in dance at Grand Valley State University. Tiffany trained at Zeeland Recreation from first grade through her senior year. She enjoys seeing dancers develop a passion for dance and watching them grow not only technically, but artistically. 


Photo Credit: Andrew Weller

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