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AQUA MIX (12 Yr Olds-Adults)

This is a medium-intensity deep water workout that combines cardio, core and strength training! Interval training, resistance equipment and suspended movements will all be incorporated in order to help you burn fat, develop muscle tone and improve your cardiovascular fitness!

  • Instructor: Kendra Davito
  • Days: M, W, F
  • Time: 8am-8:45am
  • Location: Zeeland Recreation Warm Pool

DEEP WATER WALKING (12 Yr Olds-Adults)

Deep Water Walking is a non-instructor led aquatics program that allows time in the pool to exercise at your own pace (treading, walking, water weights, etc). It's an excellent cardio and muscular workout that helps prevent injuries and stress on bones and joints. The deep end of the pool only is available at this time. Fitness equipment is available. 

FIRM H20 (12 Yr Olds-Adults)

Join us for 30-minutes of shallow water high intensity interval training followed by 30-minutes of strength and endurance training throughout the pool for a great total body workout!

  • Instructor: Trish Vanderloon
  • Days: Mon & Wed
  • Time: 7:30-8:30pm
  • Location: Zeeland Recreation Cold Pool

HYDRO CARDIO H2O (12 Yr Olds-Adults)

Join us for this high energy class that combines shallow and deep water components to improve strength, endurance and cardiovascular performance!

  • Instructor: Suzette Staal  
  • Day: Tuesdays
  • Time: 7:30-8:30pm
  • Location: Zeeland Recreation Cold Pool

LAP SWIMMING (8 Yr Olds-Adults)

Lap Swimming is an excellent cardio and muscular workout that helps prevent injuries and stress on bones and joints! 

  • Aquatics Calendars
  • Age Guidelines
  • Tue, Feb 7: Evening Lap Swim is from 5:30-6:30pm rather than 5:30pm-7pm due to programming conflict 
  • Sat, Feb 11: Morning Lap Swim changed to 7:45am-9:15am due to programming conflict
  • Costs: FREE with any Fitness Center Membership | $40 Punch Card (10 Punches = $40 Per Card) | $8 Drop-In
  • Lane Reservation Protocols:
    • Call 616-748-3230 or stop by our front desk to reserve lane time
    • Reserving lanes for following week begins the week prior on Wednesday
    • Swimmers may sign up for multiple visits per week
    • Swimmers may sign up for 60-min max for each visit 

SHALLOW AQUA FIT (12 Yr Olds-Adults)

This is a low-medium intensity shallow water class. It's designed to improve coordination, joint stability, heart health and strength. It also incorporates cardio and strength movements with low-to-no impact moves. Perfect for beginners or seniors!

  • Instructor: Kendra Davito 
  • Day: M, W, F 
  • Times: 7am-7:45am + 11am-12pm
  • Location: Zeeland Recreation Warm Pool

WATER FITNESS (12 Yr Olds-Adults)

Water Fitness is open pool time for participants to lead themselves through any aquatics workout of their choice (treading , walking, aquatics weights, etc). It's an excellent cardio and muscular workout that helps prevent injuries and stress on bones and joints! 

100 MILE SWIM CLUB (8 Yr Olds-Adults)

Want to get in great shape? Become a part of the Zeeland Recreation “100 Mile Swim Club” by swimming 100 miles in 12 months! Participants will keep track of your miles after each lap swim or water fitness workout on the tracking sheet that will be located on our pool deck at Zeeland Recreation pools. You’ll then be able to follow your progress through our monthly postings. If you hit your goal you will not only be feeling and looking great, but you’ll also receive a Zeeland Recreation towel and a 100-Mile Club decal sticker to show off your achievement! Start any time of the year! Simply stop in our fitness center to get started! All swim styles and techniques are welcome. 

  • Register Here
  • Cost: $20
  • When Can I Start? Any time! Stop in our fitness center to get started! 
  • Location: Zeeland Recreation Pools
  • Distance Guidelines:
    • 100 miles = 165,000 yards or 3,300 laps
    • 1 mile + 1,650 yards, 66 lengths or 33 laps
    • Length = One end of the pool to the other end (25 yards)
    • Lap = Down and back (50 yards)
    • 2 miles a week = 100 miles in 50 weeks
    • 3 miles a week = 100 miles in 33 weeks
    • 1 mile a day x 5 days a week = 100 miles in 20 weeks


  • Fitness Memberships: Prices Vary
  • Punch Card: $40 (10 Punches for any Fitness or Aquatics Activity/Class)
  • Drop-In: $8 

SilvER Sneakers + silver & Fit FACILITY!

Zeeland Rec is a SilverSneakers and Silver&Fit participating fitness center! SilverSneakers and Silver&Fit cover fitness center costs for 65 yr olds+ through arrangements with certain health care plans. It's designed to help older adults achieve better health through regular exercise and health education. If your healthcare plan offers SilverSneakers or Silver&Fit and you would like more information about Zeeland Recreation, call 616-748-3230 or stop in at 320 E Main, Zeeland, MI! 

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