Lap Swim + Water Fitness + Deep Water Walking


Our Cold West Pool is closed through Oct 30 to allow for our HVAC system to be replaced. We're tentatively planning to reopen the Cold Pool on Mon, Oct 31 (date could change based on construction timelines)


Our Warm East Pool is tentatively scheduled to be closed from mid-November to mid-December to allow for our HVAC system to be placed (dates could change based on construction timelines)


8 Yr Olds - Adults

Lap Swimming is an excellent cardio and strength workout! It's a great workout without putting stress on bones and joints, while also burning major calories! 

  • October Natatorium Calendar
  • November Cold Pool Calendar
  • Age Guidelines
  • Costs: FREE with any Fitness Center Membership | $40 Punch Card (10 Punches = $40 Per Card) | $8 Drop-In
  • Lane Usage: Lanes are filled on a first come, first serve basis. Pre-registration is not necessary
  • Entrance: Use the main school entrance marked by a flagpole and located on the east side of the school. While the school day is in session, patrons must check in at the school office upon arrival
  • How to Find the Pool: Take a left out of the school office and a right at the first intersection. Walk down the hall, past the athletic offices, until you reach the natatorium lobby. Turn left at the hallway. Locker rooms are down the hall and to the right
  • Member Check-in: All pool patrons must check-in on the pool deck. Unlimited lap swim is included with all types of memberships, so there is no additional fee. For non-members, the drop-in fee is $8. Memberships
  • Membership RENEWALS: Can be purchased by calling 748-3230
  • NEW Memberships: Must be purchased in-person at the Recreation office.

water fitness: 

12 Yr Olds - Adults

Water Fitness is a non-instructor led time in the pool that allows members to do their own workout! Deep and shallow water is available to tread water, water walk, do an aquatics weight workout and more! Get an excellent cardio and strength workout while putting no stress on bones and joints!


12 Yr Olds-Adults

Deep Water Walking is open pool time for participants to lead themselves through any aquatics workout of their choice (treading water, water walking, aquatics weight workouts, etc). It's an excellent cardio and muscular workout that helps prevent injuries and stress on bones and joints! 

100 Mile Swim Club

8 Yr Olds-Adults

Want to get in great shape? Become a part of the Zeeland Recreation “100 Mile Swim Club” by swimming 100 miles in 12 months! Participants will keep track of your miles after each lap swim or water fitness workout on the tracking sheet that will be located on our pool deck at Zeeland Recreation pools. You’ll then be able to follow your progress through our monthly postings. If you hit your goal you will not only be feeling and looking great, but you’ll also receive a Zeeland Recreation towel and a 100-Mile Club decal sticker to show off your achievement! Start any time of the year! Simply stop in our fitness center to get started! All swim styles and techniques are welcome. 

  • Register Here
  • Cost: $20
  • When Can I Start? Any time of year! Simply stop in our fitness center to get started! 
  • Location: Zeeland Recreation Pools
  • Distance Guidelines:
    • 100 miles = 165,000 yards or 3,300 laps
    • 1 mile + 1,650 yards, 66 lengths or 33 laps
    • Length = One end of the pool to the other end (25 yards)
    • Lap = Down and back (50 yards)
    • 2 miles a week = 100 miles in 50 weeks
    • 3 miles a week = 100 miles in 33 weeks
    • 1 mile a day x 5 days a week = 100 miles in 20 weeks