Lap Swim

8 Yr Olds - Adults

Lap swimming is an outstanding cardio and strength training workout! It minimizes the strain on your bones and joints while effectively burning a significant amount of calories!

  • CLICK HERE to reserve a lap swim time slot

  • Online Only: Reserving a spot in a lap swim time slot may only be done online

  • Is a Reservation Required? No, but it is recommended if you want to guarantee your spot in a time slot that may fill up

  • 24 Hours in Advance: Reservation opens 24 hours prior to the start of the Lap Swim time slot

  • No-Show/Cancelation: If you reserved a lap swim time slot but no longer can attend, call our front desk (616-748-3230) or stop in our office to remove yourself from that time slot; If you reserve a spot for a time slot, your spot is reserved up to five minutes after the time slot has started; If you're more than five minutes late and/or don't show up, you'll be considered a “no show”, your account will be charged $8 and your spot may be given to someone else

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  • Included in All Fitness Memberships: Learn more about our Fitness Memberships HERE 

  • Punch Card: $40 = 10 Punches

  • Drop-In: $8 

100 Mile Swim Club

8 Yr Olds-Adults

Want to get in great shape? Become a part of the Zeeland Recreation “100 Mile Swim Club” by swimming 100 miles in 12 months! Participants will keep track of your miles after each lap swim or water fitness workout on the tracking sheet that will be located on our pool deck at Zeeland Recreation pools. You’ll then be able to follow your progress through our monthly postings. If you hit your goal you will not only be feeling and looking great, but you’ll also receive a Zeeland Recreation towel and a 100-Mile Club decal sticker to show off your achievement! Start any time of the year! Simply stop in our fitness center to get started! All swim styles and techniques are welcome. 

  • Register Here
  • Aquatics Calendars
  • Cost: $20
  • When Can I Start? Any time of year! Simply stop in our fitness center to get started! 
  • Location: Zeeland Recreation Pools
  • Distance Guidelines:
    • 100 miles = 165,000 yards or 3,300 laps
    • 1 mile + 1,650 yards, 66 lengths or 33 laps
    • Length = One end of the pool to the other end (25 yards)
    • Lap = Down and back (50 yards)
    • 2 miles a week = 100 miles in 50 weeks
    • 3 miles a week = 100 miles in 33 weeks
    • 1 mile a day x 5 days a week = 100 miles in 20 weeks