Kids Safe Summer Challenge

Kids Safe Summer Challenge

Spring & Summer

kids safe summer challenge

15 Yrs & Under

Make sure your kids are safe at the beach or in the pool this summer by signing up for our FREE Kids Safe Summer Challenge! The challenge is designed to help your child develop the five basic survival skills in order to be safe while doing water-related activities (five skills listed below). To complete the challenge, kids must register (free) + attend at least 10 Family Open Swim dates at Zeeland Rec between June 10-Aug 24. In addition to having fun at each Family Open Swim, participants must also find a lifeguard to learn and/or demonstrate the five below survival skills at each of their 10+ visits (a lifeguard will always be available). After your child demonstrates the skills, they will receive a wristband from the lifeguard that they should save and take home. At the end of the summer, your child should turn their 10 wristbands into our front desk anytime after Aug 26 to redeem a mystery prize! 

  • Register Here
  • Cost: FREE to register | $3 p/visitor fee for each Open Swim visit
  • Dates: Jun 10-Aug 24
  • Wristbands: May be turned into the service desk and redeemed for a mystery prize beginning Mon, Aug 26
  • Five Water Survival Skills
    • 1) Step or jump into the water over your head and return to the surface
    • 2) Float or tread water for one minute
    • 3) Turn around in a full circle to orient yourself and find an exit
    • 4) Swim 25-yards to exit the water
    • 5) Exit the pool without using the ladder or steps