Spanish Immersion

Pre-Admission for the 2024-2025 year will open on 2/5 at 12 PM. Visit to register.

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Our full immersion program is designed to help students develop native-like language skills while also meeting the district’s academic benchmarks. The students spend large portions of their day learning Zeeland Public Schools curriculum in Spanish: reading, writing, math, science, and social studies (depending on the grade level).

Spanish Immersion Program Philosophy

Why Immersion at ZPS?

Research shows that language learning is easiest when started at a young age, and in today’s global economy, the ability to speak a second language expands employment opportunities and promotes job security. Additionally, early language learning helps promote brain development. Immersion students have been linked to higher scores on English language standardized tests, have stronger critical thinking skills, are more creative, and have better problem-solving skills. ZPS Spanish Immersion educators work diligently to teach the district’s curriculum in Spanish while deepening cultural awareness for students.

English Language Development

Through careful planning and articulation, ZPS Immersion students will develop strong English language skills in addition to their Spanish language skills. English language instruction starts in 3rd grade with the time spent learning in English gradually increasing with each grade level thereafter.


Our Spanish Immersion classrooms follow the ZPS curriculum in all areas.

Our Spanish Immersion classes join ZPS traditional classes on all field trips. Additionally, Immersion-specific field trips are planned. Students also experience a cultural celebration at the end of each year, in which the food, songs, and artistry of Spanish-speaking countries are shared and enjoyed.

Program overview and progression

Spanish Immersion progression and program expectations

Program Locations

Elementary Spanish Immersion is available at ZPS for grades K-5. The program is available at both New Groningen Elementary and Lincoln Elementary.

Secondary Spanish Immersion is available at ZPS for grades 6-12. The program is available at both Cityside Middle School (6-8) and Zeeland High Schools (9-12)

If you would like more information about enrolling, please contact Mary Miilu.

If you would like more information about our Immersion Program, please contact Julie Paterick or Matthew Stolz.

Registration & Notification of Process

Registration and Enrollment Information

Please visit our enrollment page for more information.


Acceptance of Spanish Immersion Enrollment will be prioritized by the following:

  1. Siblings of currently enrolled ZPS Spanish Immersion students
  2. Children of current ZPS staff
  3. Applicants who live in district of Zeeland Public Schools, utilizing time stamped order of acceptance
  4. Applicants who live out of district of Zeeland Public Schools, utilizing time stamped order of acceptance

Notification of Placement

Families will be notified of their acceptance to a Zeeland Public Schools special program.


Questions on the procedures listed should be directed to the Office of the Superintendent.

Please note all elementary Spanish Immersion applications (for both New Groningen and Lincoln) will be accepted at New Groningen Elementary, 10542 Chicago Drive, Zeeland.

ZPS will accept Spanish Immersion enrollment for 1st – 5th grades provided the student participated in a Spanish Immersion program in their prior district. Enrollment will be accepted based on availability.

Registration K (in-district students)

Please indicate your preference for Spanish Immersion on your ZPS Kindergarten application. Only family members may register a child.
Enrollment Packet.

Out-of-District Registration

Please begin with an out-of-district application prior to the enrollment timeline. Upon approval, you will be asked to complete the enrollment process. Please indicate your preference for Spanish Immersion on your application. 

Questions / Tours?

New Groningen Elementary

Leslie Rindfliesch at 616.748.3376

Lincoln Elementary

Jeff Roon at 616.748.2611

Cityside Middle

Sarah Huizenga at 616.748.3200

Zeeland High Schools

Matt Stolz at 748.3002