Facilities & Grounds

Welcome to Zeeland Public Schools' Facilities and Grounds page, where we take pride in providing safe and inviting spaces for our students to learn and grow. The primary intent of our facilities is to provide these quality environments for regular curricular and extra curricular activities. 

Our commitment extends beyond the classroom, as we strive to make these public spaces accessible and enjoyable for our community members as well. 

District facilities are available for all users below:

  • Use is directly related to the schools and the operation of the schools
  • Meetings of the employee organization
  • Uses in groups indirectly related to the school
  • Departments or agencies of the municipal government
  • Other governmental agencies
  • Community organizations formed for charitable, civic, social or educational purposes

Please read the ZPS Guidelines for the use of School Facilities prior to filling out the application for facility use. This document includes guidelines for the use of facilities, rental fees, rental contacts, staff usage, and general regulations and responsibilities.

If you have questions about facility or grounds rental, please email msomervi@zps.org.