The testing out process allows for a student to take a test out exam and/or complete test out projects for the chance of earning credit in a particular class. The State of Michigan has established a cut score of 76.5% or better on the test out exams to qualify a student for credit in a particular course.  Please submit the registration form by the published deadline. 


  1. Because testing out implies extensive prior knowledge in a particular subject, students will not be  supplied with study materials, as it is expected that they would already know the information.
  2. The NCAA does not count tested out classes towards its core course eligibility requirements. 

Students have the opportunity to take up to 2 virtual classes each semester.  These courses must be determined during the course selection process in the spring preceding the academic year the virtual class is desired to be taken.  The classes are done in-person at school in the computer lab.  There are certain stipulations that must be met in order to enroll in a virtual course.  Please reference the virtual learning permission form for more information.

The Careerline Tech Center offers over 25 different programs for students to consider.  Visit their website to find out more about what they offer.  Programs are half day programs with the other half of the day being spent at the high school.  Juniors and Seniors who are on pace to graduate are eligible to attend.  The application process for the Tech Center begins in February.  Students considering the Tech Center should consult with their counselor early on in their high school career.

Please note:  PM CTC students will having busing back to the high schools from CTC, but WILL NOT be back in time for busing to their home.  Therefore, PM students MUST have arrangements for transportation home.  

Visit the Careerling Tech Center Website or their YouTube Channel

The scheduling process for the new school year begins the February prior.  Counselors will conduct class presentations and meet individually with students during the spring.  More specific details will be communicated via the school announcements.