Frequently Asked Questions

ZQuest sessions align with ZPS, however, we run a balanced year-round calendar (in session for approximately 6 weeks and off for 1 week). We operate during the regular elementary and middle school times (8:35-3:45 for elementary and 7:30-2:35 for middle school). During the months of June and August, ZQuest is in session Monday through Thursday, from 8:30 to 2:00 for all students.

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Yes, kindergarten is all day, every day, following the balanced calendar as well.

ZQuest offers kindergarten through 8th grade.

  • Grades K-3 learn in single-grade classrooms, with collaborative opportunities with other grade levels built in throughout the week.
  • Grades 4-5 learn in a multiage setting with two teachers.
  • Grades 6-8 learn in a multiage setting with three teachers.

Students will participate in learning activities throughout the day within their groups, with the ability to move to higher-leveled math and/or reading groups as needed.

ZQuest classrooms have an average of 22-25 students.

Yes. Special Education services will be offered to all students who are eligible.

ZQuest is committed to following the State of Michigan Common Core Standards.  We use curriculum that has been approved by ZPS, and we also allow teachers the flexibility to incorporate supplemental resources. The primary mode of instruction is through project-based learning, which re-frames the required content with the following characteristics:

  • student-driven
  • inquiry-based
  • collaborative
  • incorporates an authentic audience
  • problem solving in a real-world context

Project-based learning also focuses on building 21st century skills, such as creative thinking, communication, and collaboration, in addition to state and national standards.

Yes. ZQuest has full access to lunch services and elective classes including music, library, and physical education during the traditional ZPS calendar. Lunch is also offered during th June and August months.

Students in K-5 receive 2-3 days of Spanish instruction per week, which is more that other elementary schools in the district, in addition to music, art, and PE.

Middle school students take elective and music courses at Creekside Middle School, with the option of receiving high school credit for Spanish, Geometry, and PE in their 8th grade year.

Special education services are provided throughout the ZQuest calendar year.

Transportation is offered to all in-district (ZPS) families during the traditional ZPS calendar. If you live outside of the Zeeland boundaries, you will be responsible for transporting your child/ren. You must also provide transportation to and from school for the months of June and August.

Yes. All 6-8th grade students will be eligible to participate in extra curricular activities, including sports, plays, and clubs, at Creekside Middle School.

Various clubs and enrichment opportunities are also offered to ZQuest students in gradse K-8 throughout the year, including chess club, Lego club, and yearbook club.

Students who stay at ZQuest through middle school go on to Zeeland East or West High Schools.

ZQuest graduates credit their middle school experience with not only preparing them for advanced courses in high school, but for inspiring career goals and providing the confidence to apply to and attend their dream colleges.


Families interested in enrolling at ZQuest should contact the school to set up a tour in order to learn more about us and see our learning style in action. You can call 616-748-3050 to set up your tour.

Students interested in enrolling in 6th-8th grade are encouraged to spend a day at ZQuest to see if the different style of learning is right for them.

Enrollment Information

Assessment is an important part of each unit of inquiry as it both enhances learning and provides opportunities for students to reflect on what they know, understand, and can do. ZQuest follows Zeeland Public School’s assessment schedule, and assesses students using many of the same tools (i.e. DIBELS, M-Step, STAR Reading and Math, etc).

The same technology roll outs (iPads, Smart Boards, etc) that happen throughout ZPS also happen at ZQuest. Currently, all students in K-2 have 1:1 district-provided iPads, while all students in 3-8 have 1:1 district-provided Chromebooks. The K-2 classrooms also have Smartboards. An additional set of classroom Chromebooks is also available to students.

ZQuest is located within a wing of Roosevelt Elementary School at:
175 W. Roosevelt,
Zeeland, MI 49464.