Creekside Annual Report

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April 24, 2018

Dear Parents and Community Members:

We are pleased to present you with the Annual Education Report (AER) which provides key information on the 2016-17 educational progress for the Creekside Middle School. The AER addresses the complex reporting information required by federal and state laws. The school’s report contains information about student assessment, accountability, and teacher quality. If you have any questions about the AER, please contact Craig Greshaw for assistance.

The AER is available for you to review electronically by visiting the following web site Creekside AER, or you may review a copy in the main office at your child’s school.

For the 2016-17 school year, schools were identified using new definitions and labels as required in the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).  A Targeted Support and Improvement (TSI) school is one that has at least one underperforming student subgroup. An Additional Targeted Support (ATS) school is one that has three or more underperforming student subgroups. A Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CSI) school is one whose performance is in the lowest 5% of all schools in the state.  Some schools are not identified with any of these labels. In these cases, no label is given.

Our school was not given one of these labels.

We are excited about the educational opportunities that are available at Creekside Middle School.  We began implementation of targeted interventions, such as study skills class for struggling students and “Check and Connect” program for at-risk students.  These improvements will help your child be more prepared for the competitive work environments that all students will face within a few years.

Despite these targeted interventions and improving assessment scores, we have continual work to do on improving outcomes for all our students. This past year, Creekside was classified as a “Targeted Intervention” Title I school, based on increasing numbers of students qualifying for Free and Reduced lunch. We need to continue to address the dynamic for students outside of the school day.

State law requires that we also report additional information.

  1. PROCESS FOR ASSIGNING PUPILS TO THE SCHOOL - Creekside receives students from its three feeder schools, Roosevelt Elementary, Quincy Elementary, and New Groningen Elementary, as well as students from out of district and some from within the other district elementary schools.  Upon finishing 8th grade, students attending Creekside move on to Zeeland West High school
  2. THE STATUS OF THE 3-5 YEAR SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT PLAN - We are in the second year of our 3-5 year School Improvement Cycle. We have focused on reading, using technology and curriculum mapping. Our primary goal is to increase the percentage of students reading at grade level at each grade. Beginning this year we have implemented the use of the STAR reading test to frequently screen student progress in the areas of Reading and Math. By utilizing this assessment frequently, we are better able to pinpoint students needing additional supports in these areas.  To support positive behavior choices, we are using the PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) Model. This will not only encourage positive behavior, but will also teach our students what behavior is expected in a given situation. By working together as a staff, under the leadership of the School Improvement Team, we feel we have an excellent plan that will help our students in 2016-17 and beyond.
  3. A BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF EACH SPECIALIZED SCHOOL - Creekside Middle School has approximately 640 students in grades six through eight. Students in sixth grade, seventh, and eighth grade have a dedicated wing of the building for their core classes. We support Special Education students with both traditional resource classes, as well as two, more intensive, categorical classrooms. Students are able to participate in a wide range of elective classes, including Band, Choir, Orchestra, Dance, Art, Career Choices, Spanish and Advanced PE/Health. All students are exposed to Physical Education, Art, Spanish and Life Management through our Exploratory Rotation. Our eighth graders are able to take classes that earn high school credit in Math, Spanish, and PE. We offer a wide range of sports and clubs that allow students to connect to the greater Creekside community outside of the school day.
  4. IDENTIFY HOW TO ACCESS A COPY OF THE CORE CURRICULUM, A DESCRIPTION OF ITS IMPLEMENTATION, AND AN EXPLANATION OF THE VARIANCES FROM THE STATE’S MODEL - The core curriculum can be accessed through our curriculum office by contacting our Curriculum Director, Brandi Lyn Mendham (
  5. THE AGGREGATE STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT RESULTS FOR ANY LOCAL COMPETENCY TESTS OR NATIONALLY NORMED ACHIEVEMENT TESTS - Creekside students do not take any local or nationally normed achievement tests.  The data from M-Step tests can be found by visiting
  6. IDENTIFY THE NUMBER AND PERCENT OF STUDENTS REPRESENTED BY PARENTS AT PARENT-TEACHER CONFERENCES - The community of Zeeland has always supported our schools. For school years 2016-17 and 2017-2018 we had over 90% of our parents either attend the scheduled Parent Teacher Conference times, or schedule a separate conference at another time if they were unable to attend.

Creekside Middle School has consistently received good marks in State testing data and community feedback. We want to move forward and always work to be continually improving and to be a place where the community can be proud to send their students.


Craig Greshaw
Creekside Middle School

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