Academic News

Honor Roll

We believe in recognizing students who achieve academically during each nine-week grading period.  There are two ways students will be recognized each term.  First, students can make the Honor Roll.  The Honor Roll is for any student with a 3.0 GPA or above, with no single grade lower than a C-.  Students will also be recognized by making the Principal’s Honor Roll.  This list represents students who have earned nothing lower than an A- in all of their classes in a given term.

Honor Roll

  • 6th Grade Honor Roll
  • 7th Grade Honor Roll
  • 8th Grade Honor Roll

Principal's Honor Roll

  • 6th Grade Principal's Honor Roll
  • 7th Grade Principal's Honor Roll
  • 8th Grade Principal's Honor Roll

We believe in objectively recognizing students who meet all the requirements we have for them at school.  At the end of each marking period (terms 1-3), we will publish a list of “Champion Chix”, which are the students who have no tardies, no late assignments, no missing assignments and no discipline referrals.

Champion Chix

  • 6th Grade Champion Chix
  • 7th Grade Champion Chix
  • 8th Grade Champion Chix