Scholarships & Designated Gifts

The Literacy Advocates Funds were established at the CFHZ in 2003.  Efforts were led by Jim Schoettle and Mike Dalman. At inception there were many individuals and local businesses who were interested in growing the the fund to generate interest to literacy and invite authors to speak with students and teachers at ZPS.

Effective in the fall of 2020 the Zeeland Education Foundation will award bi-annual literacy grants based on the literacy needs determined by the ZEF board in conjunction with the ZPS Assistant Superintendents of Curriculum. 


The distributions from this fund will support expenses related to the Heather Jacob Schaap Retreat (formerly ZPS Communication Retreat)

This gift was given with the intent of funding the annual high school communications retreat. 

Heather Schaap was a former educator and supporter of public schools who passed in 2018. Her brother, Shawn Jacob, is a current ZPS educator.  Heather’s mother, father and brother wanted to leave a legacy in Heather’s name.


The distributions from this fund are used to assist the needs of select band students from Cityside Middle School.

This $10,000 gift was given to ZPS from Jaxon Brower’s grandfather.  Jaxon lost his battle with mental illness in 2016. Jaxon was a former student of Cityside Middle School and played  baritone in the Cityside band.