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Building Directories

Directories are organized by building. Please click the appropriate building for complete staff information.

Email and phone numbers can also be found using our staff search directory.

Early Childhood Center – phone: 616.748.3275
Adams Elementary – phone: 616.748.3475
Lincoln Elementary – phone: 616.748.3350
New Groningen Elementary – phone: 616.748.3375
Quincy Elementary – phone: 616.748.4700
Roosevelt Elementary – phone: 616.748.3050
Woodbridge Elementary – phone: 616.748.3400
ZQuest K-8 – phone: 616.748.3065
Cityside Middle School – phone: 616.748.3200
Creekside Middle School – phone: 616.748.3300
Zeeland East High School – phone: 616.748.3100
Zeeland West High School – phone: 616.748.4500
Venture Academy (ZWHS) – phone: 616.748.4740
ZPS@Home (ZWHS) – phone: 616.748.3115

Administrative Offices

Superintendent's Office

Brandi-Lyn Mendham, Ph.D.
Mary Miilu
Assistant to the Superintendent
Brandy Navetta
Communications and Marketing Director
Laura Eisen
Pupil Accounting

Human Resources

Jon Voss
Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services
Kristi Rodenbeck
Administrative Assistant
Linda Koster
AM Receptionist
Michelle Brown
PM Receptionist

Business Services

Mayra Amaro-Alvarez
Pam Dykema
Heather Miller
Accounts Payable
Shelly Hettenbach
Lynn VanKampen
Chief Financial Officer

Curriculum Services

Genna Brong
Administrative Assistant
Julie Paterick


Lori Lampen
Administrative Assistant
Robert Wilson
Director of Buildings & Grounds

Technology Office

Mark Washington

Special Education Services

Lauren VerHey
Administrative Assistant
Holly Boehle
Assistant Superintendent of Special Education


Holly Boehle
Compliance Officer
Jon Voss
Compliance Officer
Holly Boehle
Title IX Coordinator
Jon Voss
Title IX Coordinator


Bonnie Edgerton
Brenda VanderKooy