ZWHS earns Silver Medal Ranking

ZWHS earns Silver Medal Ranking

Zeeland West High School (ZWHS) is ranked among the top 5% of U.S. public high schools, according to 2013 annual rankings published by US News and World Report.

ZWHS ranked 23rd in Michigan and 908th nationally. Rankings are based on data collected from more than 21,035 public U.S. high schools.

U.S. News designated the toHS Awards w zp 500 schools with gold medals, 1,790 with silver and 2,515 bronze. Of those honors, public schools in Michigan earned 7 gold, 68 silver and 131 bronze medals. Zeeland West received a silver medal.

Schools are evaluated based on overall student performance on state assessments, Advanced Placement tests and International Baccalaureate exams. The ranking also takes into account how well students educate minority and economically disadvantaged students.

 “We celebrate this honor for all of ZHS,” Zeeland West Principal Colleen Johnson stated. “Our curriculum coincides with East and students take classes at both buildings. This award represents the positive work of ZHS and throughout the entire ZPS district.”

Comparing data from ZEHS to ZWHS, scores in reading and math proficiency and AP scores were remarkably similar, most within 1-2%, with the higher scores nearly equal between the two schools.

 “Clearly, we are providing a quality education to all students, regardless of East or West affiliation,” Superintendent Calvin De Kuiper added. “We are so proud of the work of all our students and staff and will celebrate this award district-wide.”

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