Zeeland Education Foundation Grants Awarded

Zeeland Education Foundation Grants Awarded

The Zeeland Education Foundation is pleased to announce that 32 grants totaling $40,592.00 have been awarded to Zeeland Public School staff. These grants will enhance the curriculum and give students extraordinary learning opportunities, impacting all students from preschool to 12th grade. It is an exciting time for the Zeeland Education Foundation, the Academic Boosters, to recognize these teachers who encourage creative and innovative ways of learning!


Deb Kemppainen                      Intous Tablets for Graphic Arts class                  ZHS

David Miller                               Robotic Lighting for Theater class                      ZHS

Michelle Fuller                           Portable display walls for Art                             ZHS

Keith Walker                              Solo & Ensemble band music/literature              ZHS

Joe Grit                                      Heliocentris Alternative Energy kits/chemistry     ZEast

Sherrie Stefan/Chad Lloyd         Kitchen equipment for Special Education           ZWest

Rachel Aupperlee                      Classroom library books for ELA                        ZEast

Laurie Jonkman                         Tennis racquets for Physical Education              ZWest

Becky Purnell                            Novels and videos for Spanish                          ZEast

John Shillito                              Badminton equipment for Physical Education     ZWest

Shawn Wyckhoff                       Breakout EDU Kits                                            ZEast

Steve Hall                                 Digital measuring tools for science                    Cityside/Creekside

Amy Sluiter/John Hann              Kitchen appliances for LifeSkills room (Sp. Ed.) Cityside

Kylee LaDuke                            Sensory room tools for ASD room                     Creekside

Elementary Art teachers             Art tools for all elementary art classes              K-5 district wide

Jessica Tyner                            Dash Robots for technology                              Adams/Roosevelt

Holly Arens                               Heavy duty drying rack for Art                           Quincy/New Groningen

Sandy Sanchez/ Meredith Sybsema        Games for Speech Pathology             New Groningen/ECC

Brad Van Hoven                        Differentiated math sets                                    New Groningen

Pete Goers                               “Old school” handsets/wooden stool materials    Quincy

Beth Zuwerink                           Spanish classroom library books                      Lincoln/Spanish Immersion

Jennifer Cousins                       Math workshop materials storage                       New Groningen

Maggie DeYoung/ Allyson Fris        Games for the “Buddy Recreation” project    New Groningen

Ellen Kontowicz                         Activity kits for literacy centers                          ECC

Beth Yesseldyk                         Site word books/hands-on letter manipulatives   ECC

Linda Parham                            Classroom library books                                                ECC

Robin Rietsma                          Classroom library books                                                ECC

Karen Deines                            Classroom library books                                                ECC

Magan Stadfield                        Classroom library books                                                ECC

Becky Karner                            Classroom library books                                                ECC

Jamie DeVries                           Classroom library books                                                ECC

Keshia Roberts                         Classroom library books                                                ECC

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