Venture Academy

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What is Venture Academy?

Venture Academy (VA) is a blended non-traditional self-paced program
serving the needs of a diverse population at Zeeland Public Schools.
Being self paced, students can work faster or slower as needed to
compete the curriculum and are not tie to the pace of the rest of the
class. Students in the program have the option to earn an 18 credit
hour MMC diploma or a 22 credit hour Zeeland Public Schools diploma.

Venture Academy students work on core academic programing at school
three to four hours per day based on student progress and enrollment
in additional programming. These classes are delivered in an
electronic format via Edgenuity software. Concurrently, students
attend classroom, face-to-face instruction, based on the classes they
are completing online. During classroom time, students receive small
group instruction, reteaching opportunities, tutoring, and project
based learning experiences.


Registration will be held  August 30 from 9 – 3 pm and September 1 from 3 – 7 pm. All necessary registration forms and links will be included in the August mailing.

See the 2016-2017 Calendar

Read the Venture Academy handbook

Read the Venture Academy Chromebook handbook


Roberta Parker, Program Director  616.748.4740
Venture Academy Attendance Line 616.748.4741

 Check out Venture Academy today. Zeeland’s non-traditional, selfpaced academic learning environment!

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Report For Venture Academy.