Special Education

Zeeland Special Education Programs and Services

In Michigan, special education programs and services are available for eligible students from birth to age 26. Special Education provides specifically designed instruction and related services, at no cost to parents, to meet the unique educational needs of students who are found eligible under one of the areas of disability recognized under the Michigan Administrative Rules for Special Education. Programs and services include classroom instruction, consultation, ancillary support, and adaptive supplies and materials designed to meet the identified educational goals of students.

Zeeland Public Schools offers a full continuum of services to identified students. The vast majority of students receive educational support in their home school with assistance from a special education teacher and/or ancillary service provider. Students who require more support than is available at their neighborhood school may attend a program classroom at designated schools within the district or at our regional center programs, Ottawa Area Center and Sheldon Pines School. All placement and programming decisions are made at the Individual Education Planning meeting.