May 5, 2014

Welcome to our Spanish Immersion blog for the upcoming 2014-15 school year. We are extremely excited to walk down this road of immersion with your student and you as a parent. To help with communicating what we are working on and to insure this process and transition goes smoothly, we have created this blog to update you weekly on topics that we are working on. Below are the topics discussed this week:

1. ZPS spent two days with add.a. lingua working on logistics and discussing the implementation of this new program for your students next year. The following are the topics that were discussed:
2. Logistics:
a. Hiring
b. Collaboration
c. Building readiness
d. Helping all staff and parents understand the goals
e. The curriculum components and teacher training in immersion pedagogy
f. Assessment of language proficiency
g. Identification of ELL students to join the SI students
3. Possible Course Scheduling options
4. Course Descriptions
5. Language and Literacy 1 (English 9 for SI students) meets Freshmen English requirements
6. P.E. Summer Course…Take P.E. during the summer to open up your schedule to more elective opportunities
7. Blended Learning opportunities…On-line STEM Algebra 1 for students who need scheduling flexibility
8. Intentional collaboration between SI and traditional English and History departments

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