May 27, 2014

The past two weeks we have been interviewing candidates and holding meetings with our current 8th graders regarding our Spanish Immersion.  For next year we have finalized the hours in which we will hold our classes.  They are as follows:

Three classes: Pre-Ap, Civics/Econ. and English 9 all in Spanish, the other three classes that a student would take would be offered in English.

Hour 1 – Pre-Ap                             (7:45-8:44)

Hour 2 – Civics/Econ                      (8:52-9:55)

Hour 3 – Science/Math/Elective      (10:03-11:02)

Hour 4 – Science/Math/Elective      (11:10-12:09 or 11:32-12:31)

Lunch                                            (11:02-11:32 or 12:09-12:39)

Hour 5 – Science/Math/Elective      (12:39-1:38)

Hour 6 – English 9 (or L and L1)     (1:46-2:45)

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