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Our talented food service staff provides an array of Type A Meals. A complete a la carte menu is also available. This year’s school breakfast is $1.70 for all levels and lunch prices are $2.20 for elementary students, $2.45 for middle school students, and $2.70 for high school students.  The cost of a carton of milk is .50 cents.


C storewraps

Both ZEHS and ZWHS also have a C-Store, an option for a convenient and healthy snack or meal throughout the day. C-Store hours are 7am – 3pm. Items may include fresh fruits, vegetables, yogurt, whole wheat or baked snacks, along with hot and cold beverage options.

More than 4,000 students in grades K-12 use the district’s food service program daily.

Individuals without internet access may feel free to contact the Food Service Office, 616-748-3128 for assistance.

Contact our Food Service Director Luanne Wolting at 616-748-3126 or email



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January/February/March Menus

Gluten Free Menu: (You must have a Dr. slip on file to order this option)

MONDAY: Chef Salad no bread
TUESDAY: Grilled Chicken Patty on gluten free bun
WEDNESDAY: Ham & Cheese on gluten free bun
THURSDAY: Yogurt/ String cheese/Tortilla chips
FRIDAY: Gluten Free Pepperoni Pocket Pizza




If your child has an allergy and you would like to request a food substitution, please submit one of the following forms to food service.  Form must be filled out by your doctor.

If you have any questions concerning our food nutrition guidelines, please contact us at

Lunch Accounts

You may send money to school by check or cash.  Deposit envelopes can be obtained from your school office or you may use your own.  Please include student(s) first and last name, amount of deposit, check number if applicable, & school name(s).


Online Food Accounts can be accessed by following the link below:

FYI:  Meal Magic Suite,, and operate on Microsoft servers. The Heartbleed bug is specific to a technology known as OpenSSL commonly used on Linux servers. As required for PCI compliance, Meal Magic Corporation’s servers and routers are scanned regularly to ensure they have no known vulnerabilities and that information received from parents and schools is being safely and securely processed.

Please Note:  To help offset our rising cost of providing online deposits, beginning in January 2014 there will be a $2.00 service fee per family deposit for using You can still use your account to check balances at no cost to you.

Money on student accounts at the end of the school year will be carried over to the next year. If leaving the district, monies left over can be transferred to sibling accounts or you can request a refund by emailing us at

If requesting a refund, please include:

Student Name
Parent name to write check to
City, State, Zip
Phone Number

If requesting a transfer, please include:

Student full names
School(s) attending this year


Breakfast Times 2014-2015 Lunch Times 2014-2015
1st 2nd 3rd
East HS 7:00-8:00 10:56- 11:26 12:05-12:35
West HS 7:00-8:30 10:56- 11:26 12:05-12:35
Cityside 7:00-7:30 10:58-11:28 11:28-11:58 11:59-12:29
Creekside 7:00-7:30 11:00-11:30 11:30-12:00 12:00-12:30
Adams 8:15-8:50 11:45-12:40
Lincoln 7:55-8:55 11:45-12:35
New Groningen 8:10-8:45 11:40-12:30
Roosevelt 8:20-8:45 11:35-12:30
Quincy 8:20-8:45 11:50-12:35          ZKids Breakfast  7:55-8:00
Woodbridge 8:00-8:35 11:35-12:25
Zeeland Chr 11:50-12:20  MS Lunch Thurs only 11:25 a.m.
Borculo Chr 12:45-1:15

The child nutrition and food service department recognizes the importance of a healthy diet and it’s affect on the student’s ability to learn and achieve high academic standards in the school setting. We look forward to providing your children with another year of nutritious and tasty school meals.

We would like to take this opportunity to explain our program to you.

School Breakfast: Breakfast is available at all Zeeland Public Schools. Students interested in eating breakfast should report directly to the cafeteria upon arriving at school. If your child qualifies for a free or reduced lunch, he also qualifies for a free or reduced breakfast.

Breakfast Prices
Elementary Full Pay – $1.70 per day
Secondary Full Pay – $1.70 per day
Reduced meals – $.30 per day
Free meals – $.00 per day
Milk – $.50
School Lunches: School meals are carefully planned and prepared to meet not only strict government guidelines, but also the taste of our customers. Several options for the school meals are available daily.

New Lunch Prices
Elementary Full Pay – $2.20 per day
Middle School Full Pay – $2.45 per day
High School Full Pay – $2.70 per day
Reduced meals – $.40 per day
Free meals – $.00 per day
Milk – $.50

Payment and Meal Accounts: All meals are on a pre-paid account. There must be money in the account in order to use it. I must remind you that you, as the parent, are ultimately responsible for ensuring that your child has money in their account. Questions concerning your child’s account may be directed to Betsy at 616-748-3128. Payments can be made online or by sending cash or a check with your child at their school. Any money, positive or negative, in your child’s account will follow them from one grade to the next grade.
Online Deposits: You may visit our Meal Magic deposit web site and register your family. You just need an email address and your child’s student ID number. After approval you will have instant access to your children’s account histories and the ability to make credit or debit card deposits for a $2.00 fee per transaction using a secure internet connection. We do not accept credit card payments over the phone or at any building, they must be done online.
Low Balance Emails: You may sign up to receive automatic e-mail reminders when your child’s lunch account dips below $5. If you are interested in receiving them, send your request to

Free or Reduced Priced Lunch Applications: After July 1, 2014 you will be able to fill out the application for Free or Reduced priced meal benefits online at . If you do not have internet access or you feel more comfortable filling out the paper copy, the Free & Reduced Application is included in this packet. (Aplicaciónes para el almuerzo gratis y reducido estan disponibles en español. Si usted prefiere una forma en español por favor llame al número 616-748-3128.) A new application must be completed every school year. If you do not submit a new form by September 30, 2014, your child will automatically be charged the full price beginning on October 1, 2014. You will be responsible for the charges incurred because of the late submission. Only one application per family is needed. Therefore, you need to submit either an online application or a paper application. Please take a moment to check over this form. If you think there is a possibility that you might qualify, please fill it out as soon as possible. Please make sure you follow directions carefully as failure to do so may cause delays in the final approval process. This information is highly confidential and treated with the utmost respect. You will be notified by mail of your status after we receive your application, please allow up 10 days for us to process your application. Applications are entered in the order they were received.

State Requirements: The state of Michigan requires children to have a complete meal. For lunch there are five components offered to make up a “qualified meal,” the entrée, fruits, vegetables, bread, and milk. Three of the five components are necessary (and one of them needs to be ½ cup of fruit or vegetable) on your child’s tray in order for it to qualify as a complete meal and be considered for a Free or Reduced priced lunch. Breakfast also requires students to take three (one needing to be a ½ fruit) of the four components offered.

If your child is on our Free/Reduced program and takes only a milk they will be charged the full price of .50 cents; as this is not considered a complete meal.

Parental Blocks: At the secondary level, we offer extra ala carte items. If you would prefer your child not be allowed to purchase these items, please call our office at 616-748-3128. You have the option of completely blocking these or other snack items from their account. Or you may choose the Cash for Ala Carte option, where they must purchase those extra items with their own cash, rather than the money that is in their account. Another parental block that is offered is to set up a daily spending limit on your child’s purchases. Feel free to contact our office regarding any of these concerns.

Allergies: Due to the large number of peanut allergies, Zeeland Elementary Schools, Zeeland Christian School, and Borculo Christian School will be PEANUT ALLERGY SENSITIVE during this school year. This means there will be no PB & J choice on our breakfast or lunch menu.

Menus: Our current menus are available on our website at

If your child has any other food allergies, please feel free to contact me at 616-748-3126 to discuss any questions or concerns you have.

Safety: Safety is an important issue for everyone who serves our precious children. Staff in this department work hard to make sure food is cooked, maintained and served at the proper temperatures. All staff working with our children have taken and passed the Serv-Safe exam which is required by the State of Michigan. If you have any questions or concerns that you would like to share with me, please feel free to contact me at 616-748-3126. We truly appreciate your business and we look forward to serving your child this school year.

Information Letter 2014/2015 Printable Version

• Students may not go negative for meals no more than:
3 meals for Elementary
2 meals for Middle School
1 meal for High School
No charging of ala carte items
• If charged meal balances for 3rd grade and up cannot be collected for paid and reduced students, cards are to be pulled and meals are to be denied until account is brought up to date.
• Green notes go out to elementary students only after the child goes negative.
• If a student is over limit we will give for two days only
Breakfast: Graham Cracker/Milk
Lunch: Cheese Sandwich/Milk


High School Entrees

More updated information coming soon.  If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact Luanne Wolting @ 616-748-3126

Food Service Email Reminders

If you have not already done so, you may sign up to receive automatic e-mail reminders when your child's lunch account dips below $5. If you are interested in receiving this service, please complete this form.
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Summer Meal Program Information can be found here:


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