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Our youngest learners attend the Early Childhood Center, 140 W. McKinley. A wide variety of programs are available including GSRP, Head Start, tuition-free and tuition based preschool. If you have questions, please call 616.748.3275.

Young Fives & Kindergarten

Young Fives is available at Woodbridge, New Groningen, Adams, Roosevelt, and Quincy Elementary. Traditional kindergarten is available at Zeeland Public Schools six elementary buildings. Spanish Immersion kindergarten is offered at Lincoln and New Groningen Elementary. ZQuest, our balanced calendar school that incorporates multi-age, project-based learning, is located within Roosevelt Elementary.

Spanish Immersion
To learn more about our elementary Spanish Immersion program, please email Laurie Poll. To learn more about our Spanish Immersion program for high school students, please email John Holwerda.

To learn more about options with ZPS@Home and virtual education, please call 616.748.3202 or email Steve Turner

Z-Kids (Childcare)
Before and after school childcare is available at all ZPS elementary buildings.  A $50 non-refundable registration fee is due at the time of registration. Additional information and forms can be found here. Any questions please contact Cheryl Kraker at 616.748.4711.

** For additional information on ZPS enrollment, including registration paperwork, please see our enrollment page.  **


Thank you for your interest in Zeeland Public Schools. To properly assist you with your enrollment questions, please contact:

In district, new enrollment~616.748.3000
School of Choice~ Mary Miilu 616.748.3002
ZPS@home (online) ~ Steve Turner 616.748.3202
Preschool ~ Ellen Konotowicz 616.748.3276
Spanish Immersion, Elementary ~ Laurie Poll 616.748.3376
Spanish Immersion, High School ~ John Holwerda 616.748.4502
ZQuest, K-8 Balanced Calendar ~ Leslie Rindfliesch 616.748.3065


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