Construction Alert

Construction Alert

Zeeland Public Schools received notification on April 17 that the Ottawa County Road Commission (OCRC) will begin road construction on Monday, April 28 at the intersection of Riley Street and 96th Avenue. Construction is estimated to affect the intersection for the remainder of the academic year.

During construction, 96th Avenue will be a thru-street only. No turns will be allowed at the Riley Street intersection. The road work will be performed on Riley Street.

To coincide with the traffic shift, ZEHS will alter its drive beginning April 28. For one hour daily, the drive at ZEHS will be ONE WAY traffic only from 7am – 8am. During this time, all incoming vehicles to ZEHS must enter from 96th Avenue and must exit at Riley Street. Please note all exiting vehicles must also turn right onto Riley.

With the ZEHS driveway being one-way traffic only, two lanes will be operational: the right lane, closest to ZEHS, will be designated for drop-offs only. The left lane will be for thru-traffic and to access the ZEHS parking lots.

For clarification, please examine the attached map that corresponds with this information.

End-of-day traffic patterns will not be adjusted. The drive will remain two-way to allow vehicles to exit at the end of the day onto 96th Avenue.

All ZWHS students and staff are asked to enter off 100th street. This will alleviate additional traffic entering ZEHS at 96th Avenue.

ZPS officials are working with the OCRC to evaluate surrounding intersections that may be affected by the shift in traffic patterns. The OCRC will closely monitor nearby intersections and, if necessary, may allow temporary changes to correspond with the traffic needs.

Additionally, because the traffic pattern may affect our secondary bus routes, elementary families are asked to be patient with late arriving buses during construction. Although we hope to remain timely, we want to prepare everyone for a possible few minute delay in route times.

The Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department will have additional units on hand to assist in the first few days to ensure a smooth adjustment to the altered traffic patterns.

We ask our families to share detour information with guests attending school functions, sporting events and graduation ceremonies that may not otherwise be acquainted with the intersection.

Finally, we ask all drivers to expect traffic congestion and allow additional time for travel. We sincerely thank you for your patience and the additional attention toward safety during this time.

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