3rd Grade Reading Legislation

Parent Resources

In 2016, Michigan Legislature passed a bill to ensure that all children exiting 3rd grade are proficient in reading.  Beginning in the 2019-20 school year, students must show proficiency on the year end state assessment to be promoted to 4th grade.  School staff is required to provide ongoing assessment and inform parents of possible student difficulty by creating an IRIP (Individualized Reading Improvement Plan).

ZPS approaches this legislation not as a requirement, rather an opportunity to continue to provide the best possible reading instruction for all students.  We are dedicated to using the assessment data gathered to plan for WIN & WIN+ interventions that support student learning.  We will continue to partner with parents to ensure success for all.

ZPS Parent Informational Brochure
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Additional Information

Staff Contacts

For additional information and support for your child, please contact your building principal or any of the following staff members:

Adams:  Mrs. Bobbe Mills   748.4777 x 2910
Lincoln:  Mrs. Amanda Bohle  748.4777 x2631
New Groningen:  Mrs. Dalena Hanegraaf  748.4777 x2720
Quincy:  Mrs. Kristen VandeGuchte  748.4777 x1622
Roosevelt:  Mrs. Lisa Bowers  748.4777 x2562
Woodbridge:  Mrs. Nesa Elenbaas  748.4777 x2732
ZQuest:  Ms. Krista Schopmeyer 748.4777 x2631